Shetland Sheepdogs


Odyssey Zulily a great little tri color born 11/27/2010


A nice blue merle and tan female. Born 04/25/2012


A cute little tri color female

Born 09/24/2012



This cute and precious CHW Blue Merle & Tan has my heart.

Born 02/19/2012

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Tori Moe

Waiting to update this nice CHW Bi Black  was born on


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Dolly a beautiful small CHW Blue Merle and tan was born on 06/06/2013

Its all about Annie a beautiful dark sable born 06/17/2013

Cali a great Blue merle & Tan

Born 08/23/2013

Gypsey Rose

 a great looking Bi Blue

born 02/09/2014

My Personal Lassie she is such a sweetheart sable female born02/23/2014

Blondie a bigger sable merle a sweet girl born 02/23/2014

Sorry need to update!

Sky is my silliest of all dogs and loves water Born 07/02/2014

Shadow Kid a little sweet bi Blue born 10/12/2014  will update soon

Beyonce is a beautiful blue eyed female Bi Blue born 11/24/14

Shania a drop dead gorgeous bi- black born on 12/-1/2014

Paradox Obsession (Ditto)

A small Bi Black 01/18/2016

Diamondsruff Patches Of Glory

My beautiful pup sable  1 blue eye born 12/09/2016


my Golden Touch  sable female born on 02/27/17

Diamondsruff Glowing Galaxy

a beautiful Bi Blue born 02/23/2017