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Diamondsruff Rico Shimmer

 (Stud) 06/14/2013


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Diamondsruff Frankie  Bi Blue 11/05/2017


Diamondsruff Cimmerons Casper

 (Sable & White)11/26/2017 male


MOE available small tri male $1200.00

Curly medium Tri $1200 male

LAUREL CHW tri male  $1000.00 No papers but full AKC

HARDY is a CHW TRI Male   $1000.00 no papers but full AKC

DONTAE smaller CHW Bi Black  $1000.00  11/7/17

RUGAR is a smaller CHW bi black male $1000.00  11/7/17

COUGER a very nice medium size tri color male

$1200    11/7/17

BEAR a bi black male $1200  11/5/17

BUBBA is a handsome sable and white male

$1200  11/4/17

ROCKY is a larger sable and white male

 $800  11/4/17